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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, presents The Senior Care Industry Netcast where leaders with 3 or more years in the Senior Care Industry share their advice.

Here’s How It Works

The podcast is fast paced! It's also FREE. We do not charge our guests to be on the show. We want valuable content to share!

Our guests answer all 6 questions in 9 minutes!

Here Are Your Questions! 😀

We schedule 30 minutes, so there is enough time to connect on

Zoom and do a sound/lighting check.

If your role does not "exactly" fit these questions, we will modify them for you!

#1 In a few sentences, tell me who you are and what you do.

#2 What’s the best thing about serving aging adults?

#3 What other successful leaders in the senior care industry have made an impact on you personally or professionally? This is where you get to “shout out” the amazing people you know, including local marketing partners and organizations that mean a lot to you.

#4 I hear from other senior service providers that marketing online is challenging because it's confusing and ever-changing. What is your experience? Thoughts?

#5 What piece of advice would you give to other senior care providers?

#6 When you have a win in life or business, how do you celebrate?

The demographics are typically seniors, adult children of aging parents, and other senior care professionals. We post to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and a dozen podcast platforms. We also have a TV Channel on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV.

The audience is large.

Most importantly you can use it on your marketing platforms as you wish.

Our Guests Get Some Amazing Responses!

From Karen Lake, RN (Watch Her NetCast Here)

Wanted to forward this message to you.

A retired teacher in Arizona who watched our interview and sent me this note.

Sometimes you wonder if you are being heard; does anyone hear my message?

Shows that people are listening!!

Thanks again for the opportunity and have a good Friday!



Karen Lake, R.N.

Caregiving Consultant & Care Navigator


Hi Karen,

My name is Dave and I'm a retired teacher from Arizona. I'm learning how to to do podcasts in order to help my daughter and husband with their business. But the real reason I'm writing is, I just listened to your podcast interview with Valerie VanBooven and I felt moved to share with you how much gratitude I have for what you do - and obviously how you do it. My wife was recently hospitalized for 5 days and probably got tired of me expressing how MUCH I appreciated the nurses. (pre-covid)

But your sense of caring and integrity are through the roof. Your enthusiasm for just making things better for people (especially old farts like me:) needing advocacy in a way that cares for the patient and respects the caregiver. Wow. So congratulations! I sincerely wish you all the success in the World. I'm a writer too so I'll curb my own enthusiasm here and just say,

Keep it up! The World needs you.

(And maybe the wine industry too:)

Best wishes

Dave W

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